Classic Live Performances

Classic Live Performances

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Classic Kingsmen performances through the years with previously released songs from 1992 through 2007. Includes Kingsmen alumni such as “Big Jim” Hamill, Eldridge Fox, Ernie Phillips, Anthony Burger, Squire Parsons, Ray Dean Reese, and many others!

Beautiful Home (Live)      2:10

The Cross Has Won Again (Live)   4:51

Look On the Brighter Side (Live)   3:17

Behold the Master Cometh (Live) 5:08

It Made News In Heaven (Live)     2:17

Anthony's Anthology (Live) 9:11

The Lovely Name of Jesus (Live) 3:30

The Son Will Rise (Live)   3:53

Gone (Live)          2:06

Walking the Sea (Live)     2:42

Just As the Sun Went Down (Live) 2:21

Finished Indeed (Live)      3:39

Healin' Stream (Live)        3:13

On Some Sweet Day (Live) 1:43

I'll Not Turn Back (Live)   4:10

He's All I Need (Live)        7:14